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Epice du Cru-Spice Trekkers Black Pepper Kampot 50g - Kitchenalia Westboro

Epice du Cru-Spice Trekkers Black Pepper Kampot 50g

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A relatively pungent pepper, with a vegetal, fruity fragrance that combines with a light menthol freshness.  


Kampot pepper comes from the Cambodian province of the same name. More precisely, this pepper is cultivated in the Chhuk region. Kampot terroir is classified as “Protected Geographical Indication”; meaning that its cultivation is restricted to a specific territory and its production must strictly adhere to traditional, local agricultural methods. This is one of their most reputable peppers.


The producers with whom we collaborate are fervently committed to preserving these practices on their plantation. All work is done by hand, from watering the plants to harvesting the peppercorns.

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