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Epice du Cru-Spice Trekkers Silk Road 35g

Epice du Cru-Spice Trekkers Silk Road 35g

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An ancient and almost forgotten blend born at the crossroads of the Spice and the Silk Roads: Indian, Chinese and Persian cuisines intersect in Central Asia.

We discovered the Silk Road blend on a journey to Kashgar in northwestern China. This blend contains Persian rose petals, saffron, Sichuan pepper, Chinese cardamom and Indian spices. Floral and fragrant, this blend is ideal for seasoning lamb recipes and pilafs. The Silk Road blend is also delicious on chicken and lends itself well to dry fruits and nuts. An excellent addition to desserts and teas.

Ingredients: fennel, ginger, cassia, cassia buds, cardamom, white pepper, rose, star anise, long pepper, Sichuan pepper, saffron, clove.

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