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Epice du Cru-Spice Trekkers White Pepper Kampot 50g

Epice du Cru-Spice Trekkers White Pepper Kampot 50g

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White Kampot pepper has a light, fermented fragrance and a bold taste, with delicate notes of lemon and a fresh, aniseed fragrance. Usually used in white fish dishes, sauces and vegetable purées. An essential ingredient in Chinese cooking. 

Peppers grow on a climbing vine, predominantly found in Asia. This is one of the most reputable peppers and is cultivated and harvested along India’s Malabar coast. Peppercorns, depending on their maturity when picked and according to the transformation process that is used, eventually convert to green, white or black pepper. What eventually becomes white pepper is the latest – i.e. the most mature peppercorn harvested. It is first soaked in water, allowing the skin – the most fragrant part of the peppercorn – to easily be removed.  This is how white pepper acquires its hot taste without the pungent aromas usually associated with black pepper. It’s therefore easy to use this pepper without the predominance of any fragrance.  


Kampot pepper comes from the Cambodian province of the same name. More precisely, this pepper is cultivated in the Chhuk region. Kampot terroir is classified as “Protected Geographical Indication”; meaning that its cultivation is restricted to a specific territory and its production must strictly adhere to traditional, local agricultural methods

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