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Kusmi AquaRosa Organic Herbal Tea Tin 100g

Kusmi AquaRosa Organic Herbal Tea Tin 100g

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Flavored Blend of Hibiscus, Blackberries, Fruits and Herbs.

AquaRosa, a tart, gourmet and refreshing hibiscus herbal tea

Enjoy a fruity break with AquaRosa, an herbal tea with tart notes of hibiscus and berries and a gourmet hint of apple. This herbal tea was directly inspired by Abyssinian rose tea, a blend that includes hibiscus from East Africa. Hibiscus, the main ingredient, gives the blend its unique pink color. Naturally caffeine free, AquaRosa is a tea that the whole family can enjoy, hot or iced, any time of day. Available loose-leaf or in tea bags. 

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