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Le Creuset Insulated Cookie Sheet

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Le Creuset Insulated Cookie Sheet is the ultimate piece of bakeware to prepare delicious batches of cookies or even a homemade pizza. This piece of bakeware is extremely versatile, exposing ingredients to a consistent heat source.

Carefully crafted with two layers of heavy gauge carbon steel, our Insulated Cookie Sheet maintains even heat to prevent hot spots and scorching. These two layers are designed to surround a pocket of air, lowering the temperature of the metal that touches the cookies. This ensures even baking all the way through. Our Insulated Cookie Sheet features PFOA-free nonstick coating and a heat-resistant silicone rim, allowing you to tackle sensitive recipes effortlessly.

Our Insulated Cookie Sheet is yet another bakeware essential, designed to simplify your favourite baking recipes. Whether you prefer your cookies crisp and crunchy or soft and gooey, this piece of bakeware is a great addition to your Le Creuset collection.

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