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Rowenta Everlast Anti-Calc Iron

Rowenta Everlast Anti-Calc Iron

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Hard water is a common problem that effects steam irons.
While the minerals won’t harm your health, they can leave insoluble mineral deposits all over appliances and fixtures.

To fight the scale building up in your dry iron Rowenta introduces a patented technology: The Rowenta Everlast Anticalc iron - for unrivaled protection from limescale! The Everlast Iron captures the lime scale particles in its patented calc collector combined with the effectiveness of a high performance steam iron, ensures perfect results, time after time.

Full anti-calc system prevents build-up of calc and helps maintain a high level of steam performance over time

Extra long burst of steam (150 g/min) provides a long shot of steam which allows to iron more efficiently

More efficient ironing sessions and outstanding steam coverage through the unique, patented Microsteam400 soleplate

High precision profiled tip for easy access to difficult areas and steam at the top point for maximum precision

Enhanced safety through auto-off feature that shuts off the iron when left unattended

Anti-drip feature to protect fabrics against stains

Long-lasting performance and durability through high-quality stainless steel and integrated anti-scale system

Variable steam up to 35 g/min

Tank size: 349 ml

Wattage: 1750 W

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