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Blade Guard With Clip 6.75 In. X 1.25 In.

Blade Guard With Clip 6.75 In. X 1.25 In.

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This translucent blade guard is ideal for medium-sized, narrower blades like utility knives and sandwich knives. The guard’s 1.25-inch width, 6.75-inch length, and Kai’s unique retention clip enables this guard to accommodate a range of medium-sized knives. The easy-open/easy-close retention clip features a urethane band that stretches to accommodate the size of the blade and to keep the edge safely and securely covered.

To use the blade guard: make sure the guard is clean and free of debris (debris could scratch your knife). Then place the knife in the guard, sharp edge to the closed side. Attach the retention clip to the closed side of the guard. Finally, stretch the urethane band around and over the knife’s spine, hooking it on the front of the clip. The knife is now held securely within the blade guard for storage. The Kai Blade Guard’s translucent material makes it easy to see which knife is in the guard for quick identification, too. With the Kai Blade Guard, it is easier than ever to protect your investment in kitchen cutlery. 

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