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Dashfire Ancient Chinese Secret Bitters

Dashfire Ancient Chinese Secret Bitters

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Embark on a taste adventure with Dashfire Chinese Inspired Bitters, meticulously crafted by Lee Egbert, the intrepid traveler and founder of Dashfire based in Minnesota. Lee's insatiable curiosity and love for exploring different cultures and flavors led him to create these exceptional bitters.

Drawing inspiration from his time in China and the abundance of flavors and spices found in this captivating region, Lee crafted the Ancient Chinese Secret bitters. This exquisite blend features notes of ginger, galangal, tangerine, lemongrass, and star anise, harmoniously balanced with a subtle finish of Sichuan pepper, renowned for its unique numbing effect on the tongue.

Dashfire Chinese Inspired Bitters add a captivating twist to cocktails like the classic Martinez, elevating the drink with its complex and enticing flavor profile.

Lee Egbert's passion for discovering and translating his knowledge into the art of bitters shines through in every bottle of Dashfire. Indulge your senses and embark on a journey of flavors with Dashfire Chinese Inspired Bitters, a testament to Lee's dedication to capturing the essence of diverse cultures and bringing them to your glass.


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