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deSiam Red Thai Curry Kit 300g

deSiam Red Thai Curry Kit 300g

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A spicy and fragrant option. : Stir fry curry paste, mix with coconut milk then add meat and vegetables.

Ingredients: Coconut Milk 190g (Coconut extract, Water, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid), Red Curry Paste 70g (Lemongrass 20.50%, Sunflower Oil, Red Chilli 16.20%, Garlic, Shallots, Salt, Galangal Roots, Coriander Roots, Coconut Sugar, Kaffir Lime Peel, Coriander Seeds, White Pepper, Lime Juice), Coconut Sugar 7g, Dried Red Chilli 1g, Kaffir Lime Leaves 1g.

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