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Epices de Cru-Spice Trekkers Chile Pasilla 30g

Epices de Cru-Spice Trekkers Chile Pasilla 30g

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The rare pasilla de Oaxaca is smoky and fruity with moderate heat and only occasionally ventures beyond its borders. A Spice Trekkers fetish sourced directly from the high Sierra Mije.

Being able to offer this most amazing chile is a great source of pride for us. Ripened and left to partially dry on the plant, the chiles are then further dried and lightly smoked in a traditional adobe (‘oven.’) In December, they are transported down the mountain by horseback to the nearest road to begin their long journey to the markets of Oaxaca, Puebla and finally Montreal.

Our selection of pasilla de Oaxaca is grown by Mixtec Indians in the high Sierra Mije. The larger pasillas are often rehydrated, seeded and stuffed with cheese and are therefore more in demand and pricier. The pasilla de Oaxaca is dark red verging on black in color. This almost perfect chile is smoky, fruity with a moderate heat profile.

These chiles can be rehydrated and pureed, they can be roasted and flaked or ground to a fine powder to make an amazing smoky paprika. Pasilla de Oaxaca is used traditionally in Oaxacan and Poblano moles and salsas. We have yet to find something that they do not compliment.

Each bag contains 2-3 peppers.

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