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Epices du Cru - Spice Trekker Trinidadian Curry 50g

Epices du Cru - Spice Trekker Trinidadian Curry 50g

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This aromatic and spicy curry is a classic of the British West Indies.

Trinidad is home to the largest East Indian population in the Caribbean. For over two hundred years, Trinidadian curries have adapted to the local spices and Creole influences. Only in Trinidad would you find dark roasted spices, roasted lentils, West Indian spices and Creole herbs blended into a magnificent curry. Try this versatile curry on duck, the national dish of Trinidad.

Ingredients: turmeric, coriander, chickpea, cumin,garlic, pepper, fenugreek, bay leaf, mace, chile habanero, green onion, thyme, mustard, fennel, nigella.

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