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Fat Daddios 4" Pie Plate

Fat Daddios 4" Pie Plate

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Professionals love these pie pans because they are 50% deeper than traditional pie pans. Perfect for sweet pies as well as savory pot pies. Bakers love the ½” flat rim that gives their pies an appealing bakery-style or creative variety crust every time. Bake with confidence... anodized pie pans are non-reactive to acidic fillings.

  • Heats faster and cools quicker
  • Even heating - NO hot spots!
  • Will NEVER rust, flake, peel or chip
  • Temperature rated to 550° F
  • Freezer safe
  • Hand wash recommended
  • 4" top outside dimension
  • 3" top inside dimension
  • 2" bottom dimension
  • Fits 3.4, 4 & 5.3-quart air fryers
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