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Fat Daddios 8"x3.75" Angle Food Cake Pan

Fat Daddios 8"x3.75" Angle Food Cake Pan

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These angel food pans are completely seamless with a solid bottom. The design is ideal for angel food cake, pound cake, streusel cake, bread and frozen desserts. Seamless, 1-piece construction eliminates the chance of leaking. Even-wall thickness allows your cakes to rise higher, bake more evenly and release with ease.

  • 100% seamless pan
  • Heats faster and cools quicker
  • Will never rust, flake, peel or chip
  • Non-reactive anodized aluminum surface
  • Hand wash recommended
  • 12-cup capacity
  • Fits 6 & 8-quart pressure cookers and 5.3-quart air fryers
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