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Kai Diamond And Ceramic Retractable Sharpener

Kai Diamond And Ceramic Retractable Sharpener

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The Kai Diamond and Ceramic Retractable Sharpener sharpens knives easily with a simple 3-step process. The left- or right-handed sharpener is set to the 16-degree angle required to sharpen any Kai straight-edged, double-bevel blade. Just pull the knife through the first slot for rough sharpening, the second slot for refinement, and the third slot for finishing. Your knife's razor sharpness is restored and ready to go to work. Includes retractable cover for easy, compact storage.

Please note, this sharpener is not designed for serrated, single-bevel, ceramic, or titanium blades. It should not be used on blades with nicks or chips, or with blade stock wider than 3.5 mm. 

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