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Kinder's No Salt Lemon Pepper Seasoning 2.6oz

Kinder's No Salt Lemon Pepper Seasoning 2.6oz

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Zero salt doesn’t have to mean zero flavor. Kinder’s No Salt seasonings offer the flavors you love without the sodium. So whether you can’t have it or don’t want it…now you won’t miss it. No Salt Lemon Pepper Seasoning is the perfect balance of lemon and pepper is a true family favorite, now with no salt. This classic flavor pairing is perfect with chicken, seafood, pork, and vegetables. We can’t wait for you to try it.

Potassium chloride, Dehydrated garlic, Spices, Cane sugar, Dehydrated onion, Citric acid, Maltodextrin, Rice concentrate, Tumeric, Lemon peel powder, Sunflower oil, Lemon juice concentrate, Natural flavour.

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