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Le Creuset 1.6L Traditional Fondue Set Cerise - Kitchenalia Westboro

Le Creuset 1.6L Traditional Fondue Set Cerise

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Le Creuset's cast iron fondue set is made of the ideal material for even heating, and adds beauty to any dining table with its bright enamel exterior and distinctive, user-friendly design. An extended handle makes carrying easier.

Fondue as it is known today originated in the mountains of Switzerland, but the name itself is derived from the French word fondre, meaning to melt. While countless varieties exist around the world, the most widely used recipes call for beer or white wine, flour or some other starch, and a mix of hard and semi-hard cheeses. Meat fondues of simmering broth or hot oil are also popular, as well as chocolate or caramel fondues with fruit or pastries for dessert.

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