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Le Creuset 1.9L Stainless Steel Saucier Pan - Kitchenalia Westboro

Le Creuset 1.9L Stainless Steel Saucier Pan

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Le Creuset's award-winning stainless steel reflects the same European craftsmanship and character that has defined Le Creuset cast iron for decades. It's three-layer construction is made with a proprietary blend of professional-grade metals: a stainless steel interior and exterior and a heat-responsive aluminum core. The rim is rolled, sealed and polished to protect the internal aluminum layer.

A saucier pan, also called a chef's pan, is designed with a rounded bottom and curved walls to keep ingredients moving. The flared sides facilitate easy whisking and stirring. It is particularly suited to dishes that involve constant stirring and complex flavours, such as sauces, risottos and custards.

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