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Le Creuset 13.9L Cast Iron Goose Pot Blueberry

Le Creuset 13.9L Cast Iron Goose Pot Blueberry

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The Goose Pot shares many similarities with traditional Dutch Ovens, offering superior heat retention and durability; however, it differs crucially in its shape. The Goose Pot is ideal for preparing holiday feasts due to its oversized oval shape and large 13.9 L capacity. Equally capable of being used as a serving dish, the Goose Pot makes for a bold addition to any table setting.

Constructed with enamelled cast iron, like all of Le Creuset’s Dutch Ovens, the Goose Pot is built to last, featuring a chip-resistant exterior enamel. Its tight-fitting lid and thick walls trap moisture and flavour, ensuring a truly tender final dish constantly basting ingredients in their own juices.

The Goose Pot embodies the set-it-and-forget it nature of cooking, slow cooking Thanksgiving Turkey or a Christmas Goose to perfection. This iconic piece of cookware simplifies cooking for large groups, accommodating recipes of all sizes. 

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