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Le Creuset 20cm French Trivet Cerise

Le Creuset 20cm French Trivet Cerise

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With 20 cm of area to protect surfaces and prevent mixing bowls from skidding, the Silicone French Trivet features designs inspired by the architectural cast and wrought iron structures and buildings of the Belle Époque (French for "Beautiful Era"). 

Le Creuset's innovative Cool Tools® combine the durability and flexibility of silicone with the versatility of several kitchen tools, making each design a must-have item for any chef or home cook. For opening jars, handling hot dishes or protecting tabletops, Cool Tools® are both highly functional and convenient around the kitchen and at the table. Caution: Do not place this product in an open flame or directly on any heat source. When used as a surface protector, it will not provide total heat insulation and should be used with caution on vulnerable surfaces such as natural wood, polished or lacquered wood, plastic table coverings or cork-backed table mats. 

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