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Le Creuset Alpine 35cm Round Pizza Pan

Le Creuset Alpine 35cm Round Pizza Pan

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Go beyond the kitchen with the Alpine Outdoor Pizza Pan – it’s ideal for baking, roasting, searing and griddling outdoors. Crafted from enameled cast iron and specifically designed for cooking over an open flame, the pizza pan is completely encased in a rugged matte black enamel that is ready to use and requires no seasoning. It’s perfectly sized to accommodate a large pizza, with superior heat distribution for a crispy crust. The raised loop handles and low sides make it easy to maneuver on the grates, yet with a low-profile design that allows grill hoods to close. Durable and easy to clean, the Alpine Outdoor Pizza Pan is ideal for not only pizza and bread, but for seared burgers, pancakes, fried eggs, toasted sandwiches and mor 

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