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Outset Stainless Steel Slider Skewers Set of 4

Outset Stainless Steel Slider Skewers Set of 4

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CONVENIENT SLIDER- This set of steel grill skewers comes equipped with a slider on each skewer. This slider is designed to help you remove veggies, seafood, or meat easily and safely from the skewer. No more using a knife or fork, just push the slider and serve!

STAINLESS STEEL- Made of durable stainless steel the BBQ skewers are non-toxic, rust resistant, and built to last. This will be your go to set of skewers every grilling season!

DOUBLE PRONGED- The two prong design prevents your food from rolling when turning over so it can get a nice even grilling. The two prongs also better secure your food and help prevent it from falling off. 

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