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OXO Refrigerator Storage Bin 5 in x 14 in

OXO Refrigerator Storage Bin 5 in x 14 in

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Organize the contents of your fridge to cut down on clutter and prevent food waster. The OXO Good Grips Fridge-Focused Organization System features a combination of bins, drawers, shelves, and risers, to help streamline your refrigerator. The clear, space-saving Bin design provides a visually pleasing way to keep food from getting lost and helps prevent food waste. The rounded handles provide a comfortable grip, especially helpful while prepping a recipe or for little hands grabbing a snack. A smooth base allows the Bins to glide easily so you can keep an eye on food expiration dates. Also available in 8 in x 10 in; 8 in x 14 in and 5 in x 10 in. 

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