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Peugeot Isen Flax Seed Mill

Peugeot Isen Flax Seed Mill

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Isen is Peugeot’s first flax seed mill. This high-performance mill, with a mechanism developed especially to grind flax seeds, will be extremely valuable to those who are dedicated to creating delicious healthy food.

Flax seeds are recognised as a superfood due to their health benefits. To benefit from these seeds, the only thing you need to do is to grind them - their outer hulls are not absorbed by our bodies - and this should be done directly before to avoid any staleness! The Peugeot flax seed mill is a real innovation. The mechanism of this mill is designed specially for grinding these seeds - it is appropriate for their consistency and their hardness. The mechanism can be removed completely for fast thorough cleaning. Its design, combining stainless steel and wood (from the Franche-Comté forests) makes it a magnificent instrument. The mill is provided with a stainless steel measuring spoon (measures 5 g) and a cleaning brush. Sprinkle freshly ground flax seeds on soups, salads and pastries and enjoy the benefits every day in complete convenience. 

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