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Scanpan TechnIQ 10.25"/4QT Nonstick The Bistro Pan

Scanpan TechnIQ 10.25"/4QT Nonstick The Bistro Pan

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TechnIQ was developed with and inspired by professional chefs to bring restaurant-quality cookware into home kitchens. The revolutionary STRATANIUM+ nonstick surface is microtextured for incredible searing and unparalleled durability.

The Bistro is the hero pan you never knew your kitchen needed. Use it’s 4qt capacity like a saucier, or to create the perfect risotto (the rounded base makes it easy to whisk and stir). The depth and high walls make it a perfect sauté pan or wok substitute, and you can even use it for small batch deep frying. What can’t this pan do? Compatible with gas and electric stovetops. 

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