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Shun Combination Whetstone 400/1000 Grit

Shun Combination Whetstone 400/1000 Grit

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In cases where your knife is quite dull, this Shun Combination Whetstone is the right choice. One side offers 400-grit sharpening that will quickly remove material from the edge, helping reveal the sharpness once more. The other side, at 1000-grit, will smooth the edge even more. If you want an even more polished blade, look into our 1000/6000-grit Combination Whetstone. You will need to thoroughly soak this whetstone before sharpening.

  • Combines coarse and fine whetstones in one: 400 grit on one side, 1000 grit on the other
  • Soak stone before using
  • Includes rubber tray for stability when sharpening
  • Made in Japan
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