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Shun Narukami Master Utility 6.5"

Shun Narukami Master Utility 6.5"

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The Master Utility is a blade shape unique to Shun. This versatile knife combines the agility of a utility knife with the multifunction capabilities of a chef’s knife. The blade is wider than a standard utility, so you can easily accomplish a wide range of food preparation tasks. A larger handle gives you a secure, comfortable, and confident grip as you work.

With the Narukami Master Utility, all this versatility is combined with the ultimate performance of carbon steel cutlery—from top edge retention to easy re-sharpening. Like all carbon steels, Blue II requires additional care to prevent rust and corrosion from forming on the carbon steel core. Cleaning and drying immediately is key. Over time, the edge will darken, developing a patina which, when formed, will also help protect the edge. Narukami, which means “thunderbolt” in Japanese, has a striking look. It is designed for professionals and for those who appreciate the unique qualities of fine carbon steel cutlery.

- All the multifunction capabilities of a chef’s knife in a slightly smaller, highly agile size
- Blue II carbon steel cutting core for edge holding, easy re-sharpening
- Stainless steel SAN MAI cladding, one layer each side, makes maintenance easier, supports the core; bead-blasting hides scratches, helps food release
- Riveted Micarta handles are durable and comfortable
- Full-tang construction for strength and balance
Handcrafted in Japan 

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