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Tea Organic Herbal Feel Zen Loose 100g

Tea Organic Herbal Feel Zen Loose 100g Kusmi

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This organic rooibos herbal tea with fruits and caramel is a real relaxation haven!

Hit pause. Screen off. No more alerts. While you’re getting settled in your happy place, your herbal tea is steeping. You’re unplugging in order to be more present. It’s your “you time”, in your own little world. How do you get there? Feel Zen, the healthy, serene and caffeine-free organic herbal tea.

The world is bustling around you, but round-bodied rooibos has got your back. Focus on the sweetness of apples and oranges, a welcome break in your hectic daily life. Savor the mulberry leaves and hints of caramel. You’ve got this.
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